Roof Ventilation

Ridge vents

A well-ventilated roof can make life better for people living beneath it. Proper roof and attic ventilation can lower heating and cooling costs, enhance interior comfort and provide a longer life to roof shingles. In summer an excellently ventilated roof allows hot air in the attic to escape, reducing the demand on your air conditioning system. In winter, ventilation combines with good attic insulation to keep the roof surface cold, so that snow won’t melt on the roof surface and then freeze to form ice dams along the eaves. At Vivace roofing, we install and repair ridge vents and other types of roof vents.

Slope vents

Taking full advantage of natural airflow, Vivace Roofing’s range of slope ventilators offer high performance and cost-effective ventilation solutions for residential and industrial structures. Our roof vents naturally extract airborne waste and low to medium heat load from your building, providing optimum temperature as well as regular change of air. These vents are very economical, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing with an unobtrusive low profile.

Louvre vents

Our louvre vents provide a secure, visually appealing solution to the challenge of increasing building ventilation, especially in hot and humid climates. The louvres are designed to resist the intrusion of wind driven rain and can be constructed with insect screening if required. They provide extra security and weather protection for cyclonic conditions.

Fire vents

Fire vents are placed on rooftops and they operate automatically when a signal is received from a fire detector. A series of vents are opened automatically when a fire starts and these vents direct flames and smoke into the atmosphere. Their aim is to allow occupants to escape and to contain a fire until the fire brigade takes other measures. Fire vents are a crucial security feature for any building.

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