Industrial Roofing

Concealed Roofing

  • Concealed Fixing is a method where the roofing sheets are fixed to the purlins with a clip system.

  • The roofsheeting hides the clips completely and provides a neat, watertight product.

  • The roofsheets are not pierced with any nails or screws.

  • No holes are made in the roof covering; this is to eliminate the risk of leaks.

  • These sheets not being perforated also accommodates for expansion and contraction of the sheet without damaging the material.

  • This method is also designed to provide a continuous length of roof covering without end-laps.

  • Concealed fixed roofs are finished off with clean lines and there are no visible fixings.

  • It is very important that this profile is produced on a machine using a good roll design to eliminate any possibility of the profile changing during the manufacturing process.

  • As this could cause a problem when not seating onto the clips correctly and possibly later blowing off any roofs.



Pierced Fixed Roofing


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